1. Pedro Goya - BCEX1 [Bandcamp Exclusive Tool Traxx]

  2. Richie Hawtin - Tz Entry Point [Pedro Goya Edit]

  3. Jeff Mills - Gamma Player [Pedro Goya Remix]

  4. Gene Farris - 4 Minutes Of Pleasure [Pedro Goya Extended Edit]

  5. Rocky Jones - Choices [Pedro Goya Dub Edit]

  6. Skintrade - Psalm [Pedro Goya Dub Edit]

  7. B3llringerz - "Unknown / Seduction" [Pedro Goya Edit]

  8. Pedro Goya - Anacom [Chris Simmonds Unreleased Remix]

  9. Derrick Carter - Where U At (Phill Weeks Remix) [Pedro Goya Edit]

  10. Swirl People - Play Along [Pedro Goya Dub Edit]

  11. Johnick - Magic (Kenny Dope Remix) [Pedro Goya Dub Edit]

  12. Mateo & Matos - Just A Dab [Pedro Goya Dub Edit]

  13. Shackleton - Next To Nothing [Pedro Goya Dub Edit]

  14. tINI - Monkey's Cave [Pedro Goya Tool Edit]

  15. ▲ Invasion #12 - Drums [Pedro Goya Drum Tool Edit]

  16. Dan Curtin - Outreach [Pedro Goya Dub Edit]

  17. Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid [Pedro Goya Edit]

  18. Jeff Mills - Lovely Assistant [Pedro Goya Tool Edit]

  19. Sandy Rivera - Bonus Beats [Pedro Goya Edit]

  20. Roy Davis Jr - Watch Them Come (Derrick Carter Remix) [Pedro Goya Edit]

  21. Dan Curtin - Convergence [Pedro Goya Edit]

  22. Andrea Oliva & Egal 3 - Yaself [Pedro Goya Tool Edit]

  23. Lorenzo & Silvie Lotto - Natural Selection (DJ W!ld Remix) [Pedro Goya Edit]

  24. Hunee - Took My Love [Pedro Goya Edit]

  25. Earth People - Reach Up To Mars (Raw Mix) [Pedro Goya Edit]

  26. Kornel Kovacs - Szikra Beatsz [Pedro Goya Edit]

  27. Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love [Pedro Goya Edit]

  28. Surgeon - First [Pedro Goya Bass Edit Tool]

  29. Deetron - Don't You Know Why [Pedro Goya Edit]

  30. Pedro Goya - Movida [Unreleased Dub]

  31. Pedro Goya - How Soon You Forget [Dub Edit]


Pedro Goya Lisbon, Portugal

If you had to label Pedro as a DJ, he would clearly be a House DJ, with pragmatic dance-floor reading abilities and great dj skills. Vinyl digger for the past 15 years, he would make very happy costumers at Discogs for sure. His latest records can be found in such labels as Bloop , Overall Limited [Hanfry Martinez], Container and Frenzy. A&R Manager for Frenzy [Lisbon / Portugal] ... more

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